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Here you find a list of the major exhibitions and events during 2020 in which Vimek will participate, either directly or through its distribution network.

Exhibitions / eventsDate Place Country
 Forestry expo at Bolmsö Hov  April 4 Bolmsö Hov   Sweden
 Techagro  March 31 to April 4 Brno Exhibition Centre  Chez Republic
 Maamess  April 16-18 Tartu Fair Center  Estonia
 Skog & Traktor  May 8-9   Emmaboda flight path  Sweden
 Skogsmaskindagarna  May 15-16  Karlskoga airport  Sweden
 Utemässan  May 29-31  Gammplatsen, Lycksele   Sweden
 KWF  July 1-4  Schwarzenborn, Hessen   Germany
 Agrisjå  August 28-30  Stjørdal  Norway
 Finn Metko   September 3-5  Jämsä Collage, Jämsänkoski  Finland

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