Vimek 630 Minimaster

8-wheel driven mini-forwarder

A new generation Minimaster, the extremely easy to maneuver 8-wheel driven mini-forwarder now with servo steering and wide tires as standard and 2-level joysticks as option. With a ground clearance of 38 cm and a smooth underside, which protects all vulnerable parts

Vimek 630 Minimaster  
Technical specifications  
Engine Honda 630 cc
Transmission Variable mechanical
Speed 0–25 km/hour
Weight incl. crane and trailer 1200 Kg
Ground clearness 38 cm
Length 2,15 m
Width 1,30 m
Height 2,35 m with Rollbar


Model Vimek 362
Max. reach 3,60 m
Turning angle 210°
Gripping area 0,12 m²


Driven trailer with frame steering  
Bogie oscillation 25 cm
Loading capacity 2000 Kg
Loading area 0,80 m²
Clamshell bucket  
Weight 130 kg
Max. opening 1300 mm
Speed 50 mm
Volume 125 liters
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