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Vimek AB

Vimek AB is the world leading manufacturer of light machines for forest thinning. The company produces unique, professional and lightweight, yet very strong machines for forestry, including harvesters, forwarders and combi-machines.
At the core of the design of these machines lies a new concept of modern forestry, which requires forest maintenance without the machines leaving wide tracks, and therefore not unnecessarily removing future trees. This allows for the growth of the most productive plantations.
Vimek forest machines - combining the highest quality with affordable prices.
Vimek products are significantly cheaper than their larger counterparts, with respect to both the initial acquisition price and subsequent operating costs, while also assuring completely professional equipment with a set of all the necessary functions. Their areas of application cover all types of thinning, pruning and other forms of cutting. In terms of economy, they have no equal: Vimek forestry machines ensure minimum operating costs for the costliest of logging operations.
These professional forestry machines require no heavy trawling during transportation; a light trailer or a towing vehicle with a load capacity of only 4.5 tons is sufficient.

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