Vimek C12 clearing head

Clearing head for small and large base machines

The Vimek C12 is an effective clearing head for small and large base machines. The use of the C12: plant shedding, trench removal, clearance grating and road clearing.

Fits all Vimek harvesters

The unit can be mounted on any Vimek 404 SE regardless of model year. The Vimek C12 has a low weight and low power requirement and can therefore be mounted on a number of base machines, such as larger agricultural tractors, backhoe loaders, harvesters and excavators.

Quick and easy

The Vimek C12 has a patented cut-off solution that provides secondary cutting. The capsule consists of a self-sufficient standard saw chain mounted on a circular blade. The cutting chain's superior capability allows the Vimek C12 to handle dimensions from 1-16 cm in diameter, with the same quick and clean cut. A protection around the saw blade protects against rocking. The saw chain is easily assembled and stretched automatically without moving parts. Care and grinding are done with standard methods for standard chain chains.

Vimek C12 - Scrubber  
Technical specifications  
Prime mover Harvesters, excavators, backhoe loader and larger agricultural tractors
Weight 160 kg
Diameter of the blade 795 mm
Capacity / Max Cap Diameter Up to 160 mm (limitation consists of stone protection)
Chain 3/4 "self-propelled chain
Recommended pressure 170 bar
Recommended flow 66 l / min
Recommended speed of disc 1100 rpm
Control system Base machine controls


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