Vimek 470

New harvester from Vimek

Vimek presents a brand-new harvester model, the Vimek 470. This new harvester is stronger, bigger, and more efficient than ever but still retains all the gentle Vimek characteristics.

Working environment

Spacious cab that offers excellent visibility, good ventilation and low noise level. Low seating position gives you good visibility under the treetops and reduces whole-body vibrations.

Job satisfaction

Vimek 470 wants to work and has a modern driver interface that makes it easy and fun to drive. The machine is easy to avoid driving damage and extremely flexible to help you achieve a high-quality thinning result that you can be proud of.

Connected online 

The machine has a modern control system and is connected to give you the opportunity for smart and convenient functions. If there is no internet connection, the information is sent when available.


Perhaps the smoothest harvester on the market. The compact design and the unique controls make it easy to get around.


Vimek 470 is built to maintain high production in thinnings. Smart functions that make you more efficient and possibilities to adjust the machine according to your wishes.

Harvester head and bucking system

Vimek 470 can be equipped with Keto 42 or Logmax 2000T, whichever you prefer. The bucking system is available in different levels depending on your needs, but is always well integrated with the machine’s control system, which makes the machine smarter and easier to handle.

Climate impact

As long as we need to use diesel in forest machines, we make sure that we consume as little as possible. The machine is well optimized for the task and has low energy loss, which is good for both the economy and the climate. Smart control programs help you to be both strong and fast despite a relatively small engine of 55Kw. HVO is of course fine to refuel.


This includes total weight and ground pressure. But also about a good transmission and compliance so as not to damage the ground. Vimek next generation is built so that you can drive with minimal ground impact.


Technical data

Width 2160/2300mm (500/600)
Length 7850mm (min)
Height 2950mm*
Wheelbase 2670mm
Ground clearance 480mm*
Approximate weight: From 6100kg
Steering angle middle joint: 43°
Steering angle front axle: 30°
Steering angle total max: 73°

Cat C2.2 DITAAC EU Stage V
Power 55.4kW
Torque 270Nm@1600 rpm
Fuel tank 65l +(60l)
Sound level: 70 dBA

Mowi P50
Reach: 6,3m
Lifting torque 43kN
Crane tilt +/- 15°
Climate system:  AC
Palettes:  CAN-controlled with 7-button Joystick
Hydraulic system: 
Load-sensing pump with power control
Pressure: 25-260 bar
Flow: 140l/min at 1900 rpm
Electrical system: 12V
Battery 142Ah
Alternator 120A
Dasa Forester bucking system
Machine display 12.1”

Harvester head:
Keto 42, Cutting dia. max 42cm, 18” blade. Color marking (1 color)
Logmax 2000T, Cutting dia 41cm

Vimek-Dasa Forester bucking system
3 levels
Vimek-Dasa H50
Vimek Dasa H60
Vimek Dasa H70

Hydrostatic mechanical
Gear 1 0-9km/h
Gear 2 0-18km/h
Traction force 75kN
Diff lock front axle
Diff lock rear axle

*May vary with equipment



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