Vimek 606 TTSE

Low impact forwarder with dolly

Thanks to its high ground clearness and low ground pressure the Vimek 606 TTSE offers a unique mobility. Low fuel consumption and low investment cost for good total economy. Available with different trailer lengths and a wide range of accessories, offering a forwarder for different needs and requirements.

Weight2 960 kg
Vimek 606 TTSE  
Technical specifications  
Engine Kubota D 902-E, 18 kW/3600 rpm
Transmission Variable mechanical
Ground clearness 40 cm
Length Standard: 6,20 m (load length 3,20 m load area 1,40 m²)
Long: 6,70 m (load length 3,70 load area 1,40 m²)
Width 1,80 m
Loading capacity 3,000 kg


Model Vimek - Mowi 2046
Max. reach 4,60 m
Lifting capacity  4,60 m, 375 kg
Gripping area

0,16 m² 

Clamshell bucket  
Weight 130 kg
Max. opening 1300 mm
Speed 50 mm
Volume 125 liters
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