Vimek 404 T8

The Vimek harvester

This gentle Vimek harvester is equipped with a powerful CAT engine 55kW stage V without the requirement of def-fluid. The steering front axle offers alternative widths of the machine. Improved environment for the operator thanks to rubber mounted cabin, new and modern display and mini joysticks contribute to a comfortable cabin.

Low fuel consumption and low investment costs for good total economy. Extremely easy to manoeuvre, thanks to the unique dual steering function. Vimek 404 T8 can also be equipped with different crane tip attachments – for example Vimek clamshell bucket for ditch clearing or our felling head for brush clearing under electric power lines.

Vimek 404 T8  
Technical specifications  
Motor CAT C2,2T CRDI 55 kW
Transmission Hydrostatic / mechanical
Ground clearness 40 cm
Axle width 2,10 m
Length 4,60 m
Weight 4,500 Kg


Model Vimek – Mowi 2046
Max. reach 4,60 m


Harvesting head  
Model Keto Forst Supreme V4
Keto Forst Xtreme (option)
Nisula 325H (option)
Max. cutting diameter 300 mm
Motor 10 cc


Bucking system  
Models DASA H50/H70

Clamshell bucket  
Weight 130 kg
Max. opening 1300 mm
Speed 50 mm
Volume 125 liters
Technical data click here
Vimek C12 - Thinning head  
Weight 160 kg
Diameter 795 mm
Speed 1100 rpm
Technical data click here


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