Vimek products

Forest Machines made for gentle thinning

Professional forest machines for gentle thinning. Vimek's range of harvesters, forwarders and combi machines provides the opportunity to thin the forest close to the tree trunks.Thinning gently benefits the forest, of course, as do forest owners and entrepreneurs benefit from it. With Vimek's forest machines, you have the opportunity to thin without damaging the important root system.

Our forest machines' range of accessories also provides the opportunity for more work areas, such as ditch cleaning, clearing and post-extinguishing of forest fires with Vimek Fire Box.

In addition to gentle quality machines, Vimek prioritizes personal service, instructional videos and proximity to good support through our extensive network of Vimek dealers and service providers around the world.

Vimek - Forest machines that make an impression, not an impact

New harvester from Vimek

Vimek presents a brand-new harvester model, the Vimek 470. This new harvester is stronger, bigger, and more efficient than ever but still retains all the gentle Vimek characteristics.

Low impact forwarder with dolly

Thanks to its high ground clearness and low ground pressure the Vimek 606 TTSE offers a unique mobility. Low fuel consumption and low investment cost for good total economy. Available with different trailer lengths and a wide range of accessories, offering a forwarder for different needs and requirements.

Fourth generation of the popular forwarder

Vimek 610.4 is our mid-size forwarder with 5,000 kg loading capacity, equipped with the powerful CAT 55kW stage V enginge without the requirement of def-fluid, modern hydrostatic transmission from Bosch Rexroth in combination with our well known trailer and crane.

The Vimek harvester

This gentle Vimek harvester is equipped with a powerful CAT engine 55kW stage V without the requirement of def-fluid. The steering front axle offers alternative widths of the machine. Improved environment for the operator thanks to rubber mounted cabin, new and modern display and mini joysticks contribute to a comfortable cabin.

Harvester and forwarder, all in one

Vimek 404 T8 DUO unites the best of both worlds. It combines a harvester and a forwarder in one machine. Efficiency in small-scale forestry is important. The need for smart solutions and the possibility of combining different machines have high demand today. We have taken this into account in the development of Vimek 404 T8 DUO.

Vimek's largest and most powerful forwarder.

Our aim is to offer efficient and sympathetic machines for thinning and forest management, and our goal is to be a world-leading supplier of forest machines in the compact class.