New harvester from Vimek

Vimek presents a brand-new harvester model, the Vimek 470. This new harvester is stronger, bigger, and more efficient than ever but still retains all the gentle Vimek characteristics.

The Vimek 470 is also built on the same NextGen platform as the Vimek 870 Forwarder and therefore has many common technical features.

Opening hours Vimek Summer


V.27  Open 
V.28  Limited staffing
V.29  Closed 
V.30  Closed 
V.31  Limited staffing
V.32  Limited staffing 

Lakare Utan Granser/Medecins Sans Frontieres is a medical, humanitarian organisation that saves lives and alleviates suffering where we are needed the most.

We assist people who have been affected by crises , war or natural disasters, regardless of political affiliation, religion or ethnicity.

The organization has more than 67 000 staff, the majority of whom are hired locally in the countries of intervention. MSF annually runs around 450 projects in more than 70 countries around the world.

In 1999 MSF received the Nobel Peace Prize.

Opening hours Vimek Summer


V.27  4/7 - 10/7  Open 
V.28  11/7 - 17/7  Limited staff 
V.29  18/7 - 24/7   Closed 
V.30  25/7 - 31/7  Closed 
V.31  1/8 - 7/8  Limited staff 
V.32  8/8 - 14/8  Limited staff 


We are grateful if you can order your spare parts as much as possible before or after this limited holiday period.

Thanks for your understanding and we wish you a pleasant summer!

Fassigroup at Bauma 2022

Cranab announces the new RZ13TR and evolved versions of Vimek forestry machinery.

With the new RZ13TR model, Cranab proposes a crane with extendible innerboom and outerboom. The subsidiary Vimek presents the next generation of its well-known and popular forestry machinery.

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