A preview of Vimeks new harvester head option that turns the Vimek 610.4 forwarder to a versatile forest machine, now being able to use it as a forwarder aswell as a multi-function harvester.

Vimek specializes in compact forestry machines and wants to develop machines that provide the best conditions for producing valuable clearing and first-time thinning stocks. We believe in an increased interest in mechanized forest management and where bio-energy assortment in many areas can make a significant contribution to the forest management that enables higher returns on future thinning.

You are welcome to contact our dealer Axima AB for a tour or test drive of our forest machines!

Of course in accordance with current restrictions.

Contact Simon Karlsson on +46 76 141 49 05 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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We have set up a Vimek 610 SE forwarder and a 404 SE harvester close to our factory in Vindeln - and welcome you who are interested in a test drive to get in touch!

Of course in accordance with current restrictions.

INTERESTED? Give Johan a call on +46 76 113 09 75 for more information.

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Our dealer Uråsa Maskinaffär / Carl Nilsson has a Vimek 606 TTW and a 610 SE forwarder, as well as a 404 SE harvester, available and welcomes you who are interested in a test drive to contact them!

Of course in accordance with the current restrictions.

Contact Magnus Åkesson (Ingelstad) on +46 470 73 80 59 or Carl-Martin Nilsson (Älmhult) on +46 476 533 08 for more information.

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