Vimek presents a brand-new harvester model, the Vimek 470. This new harvester is stronger, bigger, and more efficient than ever but still retains all the gentle Vimek characteristics.

The Vimek 470 is also built on the same NextGen platform as the Vimek 870 Forwarder and therefore has many common technical features.

Vimek believes in higher quality 1st thinning with in stand operating method

We believe that in stand thinning provides the best results for the driver and the best quality thinning. In stand operating thinning requires an agile and light harvester with good all-around visibility and high capacity, all these features are found in the Vimek 470.

Used in conjunction with the Vimek 870 forwarder, you get the benefit of minimum strip road area and a machine that allows operators the best opportunity to make active decisions about which trees should be harvested and which should be retained and to grow further to enhance the timber quality and increase future yield. “This provides the conditions for high growth of profitable assortments and reduces the risk of damage to the stand”, says Johannes Nilsson, CEO of Vimek.

Stronger, bigger and yet, still gentle

Vimek’s Next Generation machines Vimek 470 and Vimek 870 are bigger and stronger than their predecessors but still gentler on the environment. The machines are designed specifically to work with thinning trees and causing  minimal damage to the ground and remained trees. The engines are Stage V certified, can run on HVO fuel and have very low diesel consumption and thus low CO2 emissions. The weight of the machine is low and is distributed well on all wheels. The driver sits low for good visibility in the young forest and the cabin offers a good driver environment.


Vimek 470 preliminary data:


Width 2060/2200/2300mm (480/540/600)

Length 7850mm (min)

Height: 2950mm*

Wheelbase: 2670mm

Ground clearance 480mm*

Approximate weight: From 6100kg

Steering angle middle joint: 45°

Steering angle front axle: 30


Cat C2.2 DITAAC EU Stage V

Power 55.4kW

Torque 270Nm@1600 rpm

Fuel tank 65l +(60l)

Crane and harvester head:

Crane: Mowi P50

Reach: 6.4m

Lifting torque: 43kN

Crane tilt: +/- 15°

Harvester head: Keto 42, Cutting dia. max 42cm, 18" blade. Color marking (1 color).



Noise level: 70 dBA

Climate system: AC

Palettes: CAN-controlled with 7-button Joystick

Hydraulic system:

Load-sensing pump with power control

Pressure: 25-260 bar

Flow: 140l/min at 1900 rpm

Electrical system: 12V

Battery 142Ah

Alternator 120A

Dasa Forester bucking system

Machine display 12.1"


Hydrostatic mechanical

Gear 1 0-9km/h

Gear 2 0-18km/h

Traction force 75kN

Diff lock front axle

Diff lock rear axle


*May vary with equipment

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