Vimek AB: Vimek concept

Quick, simple and smart

Now there are no obstacles to the future of family forestry. Vimek offers a market-leading and complete range of machines for modern, sustainable forestry. Robust, reliable, fuel-efficient and service-friendly machines that are light and smooth in the woods.

As technology evolves, it also gets smaller. Vimek's smarter thinning system is no exception. Just connect to the dolly trailer and get deep into the woods. This is where is Vimek's forwarder is in its element. They wind up to where it is narrow between the trees. Vimek's road harvester goes in advance and makes a small, narrow path.

"There is a lot of raw material and someone has to remove it. Vimek offers the forestry of the future. "

Less and easier is the natural development of modern forestry.

Efficient and economical forestry is effective without leaving any imprint on the forest. With a Vimek you can slip really close to the trees and see quality results, without damaging the important root systems.

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